4 reasons why TikTok should be banned in India

4 reasons why Tik Tok banned in India

4 reasons why TikTok should be banned

There are two kinds of people in India now : one who knows what TikTok is. The other is in complete darkness.

If you want to transit from the first group to the second, here’s a warning. Your eyes may bleed because you won’t be able to unseen what you will see. the app is a one-stop shop for everything you don’t want to shop for-obscenity, child labour, cyber bullying, cringes ,etc.

We all are the stars of our films in our imagination. If Bollywood had encouraged  this, then TikTok is making these dreams come true.

Before, it was Tik Tok – Teal Short Videos a music app. Now, its Tik Tok- a video app. Anything can go viral here. Move your head from left to right once. There, your head from left to right once. There you just saw five TikTOk stars.

So, what do you have to do? You have to make a short video of you doing anything taht may entertain other people- it doesn’t matter how stupid it is Just do it. Everything else will fall into place.

SO what’s wrong in it, you may ask. If people aor living out a moment of their dream, let them be. Why be the party pooper?

But that’s the problem. People are only living their dreams.

And here are five reasons why we must ban this Chinese app.

It’s like watching pornography

Not that we have anything against pornography. But probably, this is the first social media platform which you can’t enjoy in a crowded metro or a bus or a shared cab. You have to watch the videos alone, just like pornography.

The Tamil Nadu government has already sought a ban. It found the content literally pornographic. We feel sorry for the pain they underwent to actually go through the content. We tried. Our eyes hurt.

RSS wants a ban

RSS wants a ban

Swadeshi Jagran Manch the economic wing of the RSS, has said the right thing. Data is the new oil. In a post-Pulwama time, we should not allow a Chinese company to make profits from India- China apparently being a covert enabler of Jaish-e- Mohammed (JeM), the terrorist outfit behind the attack. Tik Tok banned

We absolutely agree- though a number of videos have hashtag RSS and they are garnering more views than Uri: The Surgical Strike.

In another related development, China, which has blocked YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, is actually going ganga over the success of Tik Tok. They are happy that this TikTok has been a window for world to know China. Well, no one, in particular, was that eager to know about china.

It does’t  look good on our employment figures

Figures don’t lie.

According to reports, there are 52 million active monthly users of TikTok in India. If you are an Instagram or YouTube star or follow any of them, you would know this is a full-time profession. Tik Tok is simpler to use, but that doesn’t take away the hard truth that so many Indians- the youth, referred to as the “demographic divident’ in economic parlance, are actually making videos – in the washroom, at an ex’s wedding, on the bike, under the lorry, everywhere.

What’s this social division?

According to experts, Tik Tok is highly popular in tier-2 and tier 3 cities in India. Of course, we know why. The videos don’t need anything. Not a perfect camera, not a beautiful setting. You can keep the red bucket of your washroom in the video if you can get past why you should shoot a video in the washroom in the first place. Tik Tok banned

This is the beauty of Tik Tok

But please tell us what is this social division a foreign app is fomenting now? You are from south Delhi- so you are a You Tube star. Someone is from Sagar- does he / she have to be a Tik Tok star ?

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