Indian army proposal for 3 years in force for civilians as ToD

Indian army proposal for 3 years as a ToD Tour of Duty

Indian army proposal for 3 years as a ToD Tour of Duty

The proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service in the force towards an “internship” for 3 years. Indian army proposal for 3 years as a ToD Tour of Duty

The Indian Army is considering a proposal that entails allowing common citizens to voluntarily join the forces for three years as part of a model called “Tour of Duty”. ToD Tour of Duty

Army Chief General M M Naravane on Wednesday said that the idea came up after the army learned from visits to colleges and universities that the youth were eager to experience army life. “When our officers addressed youths in colleges, we came across the feeling that they want to experience life as an Indian Army, but not as a career. Taking a clue from this, this idea was born of why not give them an opportunity to serve for two to three years” he said.

“We will benefit by getting younger manpower and the society will benefit by getting people who are disciplined and have imbibed the those of the army,” he added.

Officials explained that the proposed models of the Tour of Duty (ToD) have been implemented on a trial basis for officers and other ranks in the Indian Army for a limited number of vacancies. The vacancies would be increased if the model is successful. This proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service in the armed forces towards an “internship’ for three years.

Officials about ToD:

Officials about ToD

Officials said that the cost, including training, pay, and allowances, incurred on people joining under the new model would be Rs. 80-85 Lakhs, as compared to over Rs. 6 crores for an officer under the Short Service Commission, who serve up to 14 years.  The army believes that the savings from this can be used in modernization. Savings will also be in other areas. “With the ToD concept implementation, there is likely to be an exponential reduction in our salary and pension budgets,” an official explained.

Officials also said that the corporate can benefit from individuals who would serve in the army for three years. “Many corporate have indicated that these ToD officers would also be preferable to the president Short Service workforce joining the corporate at the age of 33- 34 years.. The officers exiting ToD would have an edge over other candidates due to their training and exposure,” an official said.

The army is also examining giving a “token” lum sum amount to officers and jawans exiting from the ToD scheme, to make it more attractive. Benefits of a battle casualty to a ToD personnel could be given if they become one. With this scheme, the army is trying to attract youth from top academic institutes such as IITs. ToD Tour of Duty

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