Useless jobs you should Know that exist in North Korea

Useless jobs you should Know that exist in North Korea

useless jobs you should Know that exist in North Korea

1 Traffic Lady as Iconic Traffic Lady, Useless jobs:

Its eligibility starts from the age of 16 years old and retire at the age of 26 years it is selected by the mighty leader appreciate by  Kimjong Un and personally been selected by the supreme leader for unmarried. These lady Police replace traffic lights and use of electricity in the city. It is a lucky job for young ladies with only 300 vacancies every year.  

2. Stone Polisher

It is a planned job distributed to the people by the government of North Korea to polish stones in the street and public areas to maintain the sine of stones from small plants it came to know when tourists were visiting the Victory memorials.

3 Hair Salons under government rules

They have the most tireless job in North Korea there no demand for hairstyles has been given no freedom for the citizens to cut their hairstyles it is most unique. Only unmarried women can keep their hair long but it is compulsory for married women to keep their short hair. For male boys, it is compulsory to keep hair in two-inch but it is allowed to keep long hair to the old males if they have hair in their head if anyone tries to break rules he/she will be shut down or punished. North Korea has a strict rule on hairstyle there are only 28 (Twenty Eight) official haircut 10 (Ten) for men and 18 (Eighteen) for women.

4. Rice inspectors have to inspect:

Not only Kim Jong Un but his father Kim jong il was a most unique leader who makes many such rules for their citizens starting from eating to dressing that makes a job for Rice inspector for him before cooking the rice should be checked individually only perfect grains and quality rice grains has to be passed to the cook before cooking if any single grain found it will be punishable. It could not be imagined by other countries about this job it has reveled Kim Jong Il Chief.

5. Entertainer Ladies:

Kim Jong-il invented this Entertainer ladies job only to please him in this job only young and beautiful ladies and boys are selected for live performance in city hall by dancing and singing which entertain their ruler and his officials they are ready to serve 24/7 service while he feels to enjoy after his death they were paid 4000 $ to keep the secret to the world.

6. Sculptor only for 3 main leaders 34,000:

North Koreas sculptor has only permit to make idols of three main people of the nation who are Kim Il Sung his son Kim Jong Il and his grandson Kim Jong-Un they have a bright future and earning for sculpting the idols of their great leaders presently there are 34,000 Idols based on their great leadership and their memories. Idols of their leader have been worshiped by their citizens and tourists who came to visit North Korea.

7. Faison Police:

Faison Police has a major role in maintaining the culture dressing and haircut of their citizens in public areas and local places they have been deployed to inspect weather the people are following the rules. In case any person found breaking rules they were sent to prison slaves for their lifetime. Useless jobs in North Korea

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