Process how to register ourself in Passport Seva Portal

If you want to apply for a passport online in India then you need to follow some step are described in details below. If you don’t have an account on passport India website then first you need to create a new account and then log in to you account.

Passport India Registration Process

Step 1: First go to the official website of Passport Seva On the side you can find the four different colour of boxes in Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange colour.

Step 2  ; To create a new account click on “New User? Register Now” option available in Orange colour.

Step 3 :  In the next screen, you need to fill the form to complete the registration process.

  • Register to apply at: By default the “Passport Office” option is selected and select “CPV Delhi” option if you want to apply for Official/Diplomatic at consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) division , Delhi.
  • Passport Office: In this field enter the name for the city as the residential address.
  • Given name : Enter you First name and middle name (Maximum 45 characters are allowed & keep in mind Dr. Col, etc types of word are not allowed).
  • Sur name (Optional): Type your surname (Maximum 45 character are allowed)
  • Date of Birth : Enter your birth date as shown in birth certificate (type birth date in DD/MM/YYYY format)
  • Email ID: Enter your permanent email id
  • Do you want your login id to be same as Email ID? Tap on yes to generate your new login id same as the email id.
  • Login ID: type any text in this section. After that click on check availability to check if it’s available or not.
  • Password: type strong password of minimum 8 character  and a maximum of 14 characters which contains at least one uppercase alphabet or lowercase alphabet  and at lest one number.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter password for confirmation
  • Hint Question: Select any question from the dropdown menu.
  • Hint Answer : Type the answer of selected hind question in the respective box
  • Enter Characters Displayed : Type the text as displayed in the image and click on Register button.

Step 4 : You will seen a registration confirmation screen with a massage like “Thank you for registering on the passport Seva portal”

Step 5: Currently, your account is inactivated. To activate you account you need to click the link in email send to your email id.

Step 6: You will receive an email from passport , admin with the subject of registration confirmation as shown in below image.

Step 7: Scroll down and tap on the link. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the passport seva website.

Step 8 : Here you need to enter your user id and click on the submit button that’s it your account has been successfully activated on passport India website.

That’s it, its to easy to register our email id in passport seva website.

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